Adding Secret Engine Support to vault-clj

Investing in Clojure to support core secret engine infrastructure

One of our summer interns, Danny Rassaby, describes his summer project in the Amperity infrastructure and how core Clojure features and help to organize his abstractions in our open-sourced vault client.

Predicting Customer Lifetime Value with Unified Customer Data

Creating a new CLV modeling paradigm that extracts the most value out of customer data

Predicting customer lifetime value is the cornerstone of modern marketing analytics. Yet the same modeling approach has been the gold standard for over fifteen years. Amperity's data science team recently introduced a new regression-based ensemble that leverages a vast amount of unified customer data, outperforming the baseline model in both CLV and customer churn prediction.

Adding Data Science to the DevOps Toolkit

Amperity leverages data science to ensure operational reliability of a complex system, finding an elegant solution to a thorny systems problem. Anomaly Detection automates the process of understanding a given workflow’s “normal operation”.

Distributed Data Flow Scheduling and Monitoring

At Amperity, every day our services process terabytes of data across dozens of customer accounts. To make sure data is processed quickly and in a cost effective way, we leverage scheduled workflows, which run automatically and are monitored closely to ensure all data is processed correctly in every run.

Greenlight: Composable Integration Testing

Or ... how to sneak Clojure into your Java codebase

Outside of a few notable holdouts, most engineering teams recognize the immense value in testing software to improve code quality. Isolated unit-testing has become an increasingly common practice, with JVM libraries to help more complex unit-testing patterns such as dependency injection or mocking in testing libraries.